The Benefits of Yoga and Money Mindfulness

I love Yoga even though I don’t consider myself an expert.  Just don’t ask me to do a headstand – my 50-something body has yet to develop the flexibility.  But I love doing the down dog, the warrior and other poses that stretch every muscle and tendon. I love the postures, grace and flow, the melting away of tension as one moves from one pose to the next. Bryan Kest, the man who first introduced me to Yoga with his Power Yoga DVD series, said that practicing Yoga is like getting a good massage.

But the most important aspect of Yoga I find, is that every movement is gentle and intentional, done with a calm mind and deep breath that respects the self and body – without the preoccupation on results or perfection. Yoga lovers effortlessly develop beautiful and lithe physiques, without spending hours huffing and puffing on the treadmill, pumping iron and competing with one another. As a Money Fitness Coach, I have been spreading the word that I want to help people to reach a state of financial peace and emotional health through Money Mindfulness. It recently dawned on me that the philosophy behind Money Mindfulness is similar to Yoga. To be mindful about your money means:

  • You are not worried or bothered about how fast you can get rich. You ignore hot stock market tips, get-rich-quick schemes and over leveraging yourself with mortgage and credit card debt. You have a well-thought out plan for growing your money over time.
  • You are calm about your financial state and circumstances because ‘Wealth’ to you is knowing exactly what you need to feel happy and contented, while fulfilling your practical responsibilities.
  • You don’t compare yourself with your peers or the person up the ladder because you are following your passion, path and destiny.
  • You are not over-stretched, working yourself to death for the wrong reason – because you have problems paying your bills. You work because you love what you do and it brings out the best in you.
  • You know exactly how much money you have and how much money you need, without breaking a sweat or worrying about bills, because you have a spending plan.
  • Your spending plan is your personal blueprint for healthy money behaviours that keeps you from over spending and buying stuff you don’t need. At the same time, it allows you to plan for the special things, moments, relationships and dreams that do matter.

Practicing Money Mindfulness, just like practicing Yoga will yield beautiful results: Wealth and Health from the Inside Out.