• MoneyFit Coaching is a form of empathetic counselling that guides you into becoming more confident, focused and mindful about managing your money.  From a holistic perspective, I help you understand your deepest values, dreams and goals; and how to reach them by practicing good financial habits using a proven system. At the same time, I also help you become aware of your emotions and past experiences and how they may have affected you negatively in your career, finances and relationships.

  • Wealth means different things to different people. A happy and fulfilling life does not depend on adding millions to your bank account. The role of MoneyFit Coaching is to help you define the concept of wealth on your own terms, so that you can live the life you want without feeling stressed about money. Whether you want to stop working full-time to care for your children or start a business; MoneyFit Coaching gives you the framework to help you plan and proceed with confidence, knowing that you’ll have enough.

  • As a MoneyFit Coach, I don’t sell or recommend any investments or financial products. However, as you start to develop clarity and focus about how your money should serve you, and what you want to do with it; you will also be empowered to know which financial products will suit you. You will be proactive (instead of passive) in your financial planning and less susceptible to wrong financial advice. Many people become victims because they don’t know what they want, they don’t know what they need and they don’t keep track of their spending and savings.

  • If my clients require specific assistance, I can refer them to licensed financial planners, real estate agents, legal advisers, accountants and insurance brokers whom I trust. If they are looking to start a business, I can also refer them to entrepreneurship support groups, consultants and other networks.

  • I’m not a credit counselor, but as part of my holistic coaching process, we will look at patterns of behaviour that are causing you pain – such as overspending and chronic debting. To address these problems, you will be guided to adopt healthier behaviours that will gradually eliminate your debt and increase your savings.

  • I use a cloud based money tracking software that is designed to give you a “Live” map of your spending patterns.  Month by month, it enables you to draw up your personal spending plan and day-by-day, it helps you stay on-track and aligned with your financial goals.  Using this tool myself, I find that I’m less likely to spend on impulse.  I can enjoy spending my money without depriving myself and I’m no longer a slave to debt.  This is what Money Fitness is all about!

  • Once they learn to get into the flow of tracking their personal expenses, most business owners find it enormously useful to track their business expenses as well. They can draw up their business spending plan by applying the same tool. 

  • A MoneyFit Coaching session typically lasts 60 minutes and is conducted online, by using a private meetings App that can be easily downloaded for free. This ensures that you can discuss all confidential matters in the comfort and privacy of your home, based on an agreed time and schedule. The online App also allows us to view our respective screens and share information.

  • MoneyFit Coaching is not a quick fix or a “one size fits all.” Our initial 30 minute discussion will determine what is the problem you need to address and how MoneyFit Coaching can help you specifically. The number of coaching sessions will be based on our assessment and agreement.

  • No bank account numbers or any sensitive financial information is required during our coaching sessions. You will also have your own password to access your own money tracking software. As we learn how to use the software, any numbers revealed will be purely conceptual. Our coaching conversations will be strictly confidential and I will seek your written permission if I need to quote examples of my work to the public.

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